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The Lakes are Open!

And it's time to relax an unwind on your dock with our

Lake Country Adirondack Chairs. Made of cedar and

designed to last, these chair are the perfect for sunny days

and campfire nights until those lakes freeze over again.

Hand Crafted Designs, Quality Craftsmanship, & Lasting Memories


Medal Racks & Memories

More choices, more customization options, more features.


Custom Medals & Awards

Custom wood medals and awards for your special events.


The Lifestyle Collection

New custom designed, hand-made items, you'll use inside and outside your home.


Hand Crafted Designs, Quality Craftsmanship, & Lasting Memories

Inspired by our passion for an active lifestyle and woodworking, we created Ridgeway Woodworks in order to provide high-quality, unique, and personalized items for athletes so they could celebrate and remember their hard work and accomplishments. 


Many of our products are made from reclaimed wood, providing a unique look to your item while keeping waste out of the landfill.


Custom Ideas/Creations

Looking for a unique gift for or awards for your event? Have an idea for a one-of-a-kind wood working project, but need some help? We can work with your ideas, including helping to design, and bring your ideas to life. Just reach out and we'll be in touch in a few days to talk about your awesome ideas.


Thanks! We’ll be in touch shortly.

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