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While most of us don't want reminders of cancelled races -- remembering that you actually got to run a non-cancelled marathon is one you definitely want to remember! Celebrate your accomplishment with a personalized Non-Cancelled Marathon Finisher Frame. Made of lightweight cedar, this frame is designed to be hung on a wall. The frame also doubles are a medal rack for your HUGE Non-Cancelled Marathon finisher medal (by using the included mini-medal lanyard). Your frame will come with a personalized race bib that includes your name and official finishing time. You can also remove the custom race bib and replace it with your actual race bib or even a photo!


Available in two runner silhouette options, this is a great gift for your loved one running the race!

Non-Cancelled Marathon Finisher Frame

  • L: 13.5" x H: 9.5" x W: 1"

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