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A medal...made of wood...aka a Woodle! Woodles make a great alternative to custom standard finisher and place medals found at most events. Woodles from Ridgeway Woodworks have the added benefit of being made from reclaimed wood, meaning, these awards not only look great, but they cut down on waste! Each Woodle includes a magnet on the back.


Woodle Benefits:

  • 100% Reclaimed Wood
  • Saves on Raw Material Waste; Manufacturing Waste; Shipping/Packing Waste
  • Customizable Quantities - No Minimum Orders


Bulk Pricing Available:

  • 0-100: $5.00 per Woodle
  • 101-250: $4.50 per Woodle**
  • 251-500: $4.00 per Woodle**
  • 501-1000: $3.75 per Woodle**
  • 1001-1500: $3.25 per Woodle**
  • Over 2000: contact for pricing**


*Neck ribbons are not included with woodles. Ridgeway Woodworks does not manufacture neck ribbons, however, we offer procurment services for neck ribbons at an additional cost.

**Please contact us to order and Woodle quantity over 100.

3"Circle Woodle Magnets (Reclaimed Wood)

  • Bulk Pricing Available:

    • 0-100: $5.00 per Woodle
    • 101-250: $4.50 per Woodle**
    • 251-500: $4.00 per Woodle**
    • 501-1000: $3.75 per Woodle**
    • 1001-1500: $3.25 per Woodle**
    • Over 2000: contact for pricing**

    **Woodle orders of 100 or high require extra time for production and shipping. Please contact us for more details before placing your order.

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