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Celebrate your accomplishments with this personalized 2022 Wisconsin Trail Assail Medal Rack depicting the woodland landscape of SE Wisconsin where the series takes place. The medal rack even includes a sasquatch with a light-up eye.


Made of lightweight cedar, this medal rack is designed to be hung on a wall providing a solid foundation to hang all that extra weight of your medals. Each piece is crafted and assembled by hand -- because each piece of wood used is unique, each medal rack is one-of-a-kind with its own character and style. 


The medal rack includes a customizable series race bib on which you can add your name, and even add additional text to remember your experience  (like your favorite race, your personal best time, saying, etc...). You can also remove the customized race bib and replace it with a race bib of your choice, or even a photo.


Wisconsin Trail Assail Medal Rack

  • L: 20" x H: 9" x W: 1.5"

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